Where to Start when Planning a Home Remodel

If you’re planning a remodel and/or expansion, spend some time outlining your project priorities.

If you are thinking of moving in the near future, a new kitchen could be a big selling point — most remodel projects, especially kitchens and bathrooms, will increase the value of a home. If you are planning on staying for a while, a remodel project can improve you and your family’s lives by making your home cozier, more enjoyable and more welcoming to guests.

When deciding which rooms of your house to remodel, ask yourself: What are the top three things that this remodel will achieve for you and your family? This will help you quickly present your needs to any re-modeler you approach. If you are remodeling your kitchen, for example, priorities might include:

  • Updates that will allow you to more easily entertain guests at home.
  • More streamlined and aesthetically pleasing presentation, with clean surfaces and more places to stow appliances.
  • Better flow or centralization of the home’s hub — this might include adding a study nook, a dedicated wine fridge, or a walk-in pantry for snack-hungry kids.

Deciding on which rooms and extent of the remodel will help make the whole project go smoother and faster.

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