Walk-In Showers Replacing Bathtubs in Many Remodels

The whole bathtub-versus-shower debate has been going on for many decades. Today most houses have tubs and showers, but some homeowners are opting for only walk-in showers in new bathrooms and replace a tub or tub-shower combination in the existing bathrooms.

Walk-in showers alleviate the need for customers to step over a barrier in order to get into a traditional tub-like structure. This lifting of the leg can be cause for many falls and accidents in the home. A walk-in shower allows the user to simply walk straight into the shower or roll into the shower with a wheelchair so he or she can shower either standing up or seated in a shower chair.

A walk-in shower is also easier to clean, and is more appealing to the eye in terms of bathroom design. Also, is most often is less expensive to install than a bathtub depending on the current plumbing.

Many people also now starting to replace their ’80s and ’90s garden tubs with walk-in showers, because they take up a lot of space and are rarely used.

Walk-in showers are one of HRG Construction Group’s more commonly installed projects in the Indianapolis Area. A walk-in shower is a simple and beautiful solution for those who need a smooth and easy way to enter into their showers. Walk-in showers are also referred to as roll-in showers, barrier-free showers, curbless showers and zero-entry or zero-barrier showers. Please call us today for your walk-in shower upgrade.