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Exterior Painting

The exterior of the home is often what people use to make a first impression, not only of the house but also the people who live inside. The impression is formed based on the house color, along with the quality and look of the painting. As you view your home’s exterior, is it making the statement you want to make, creating the impression you want to create? If your answer is no, the HRG Construction Group has the solutions you are looking for.

Specialty Exterior Painting Services

Garage Floor Painting

Deck Staining/Painting

Fence Staining/Painting.

Lawn Furniture Staining/Painting

Interior Painting

As interior painting experts, The HRG Construction Group provides service ranging from basic wall applications, crown molding, Chalk Painting/Wax Finish, and with many more options available. We understand that each room in your home needs special attention and with our knowledge, we can help ease your mind and allow us to give your home the attention it needs.

Selecting a Finish

Kitchens– It is best to choose between a gloss or a semi-gloss finish to complete the perfect Kitchen. Choosing this finish will help maintain your high traffic areas with the option of being able to scrub or wash the surface.

Dining Room– Best to use an eggshell finish that is a great way to hide imperfections but is not as durable as the semi-gloss or gloss.

Family Room-When dealing with high traffic areas like our family rooms, it is recommended to apply a satin finish. This finish will provide a durable scrubbing surface that is easily cleaned.

Bedrooms– When painting your bedrooms, it common to apply a flat or matte finish. This is a great way to cut expenses by saving on materials because of the low traffic rate associated with bedrooms.

Preparation will start with the organization of all personal property within the project area. Valuables will be safely and securely stored by customer. All furniture within the project area will be move and covered by all new protective covers. All flooring within the project area will be sealed off using protective painter’s drop cloths. The Kansas Paint Company will use a painters tape to tape of all fixtures and miscellaneous things. All areas requiring sanding prior to painting will be sectioned off to minimize the spread of dust and other airborne materials. We will conduct all repairs needed to include drywall and texture repairs.

Approval on all services will be required from the customer before any job will be completed. After a detailed walkthrough inspection with the customer, all imperfections will be identified and resolved.

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