A Commercial Lighting Upgrade Provides Many Benefits

A lighting upgrade can improve many areas of your business and ROI, whether you operate a manufacturing plant, warehouse, commercial building or office:

Increased Productivity

Aside from financial motivations, you might be surprised to learn that your choice of lighting can have a significant impact on the productivity of your company. Dim lighting can cause eye strain and headaches, while brighter, pure white LED lighting essentially mimics daylight and causes the human body to react like it would to natural sunlight.

In fact, improvements in productivity, a decrease in accidents, an increased level of mental performance, improvements in sleep quality, and an increase in morale have all been attributed to better & brighter lighting.

Lower Utilities

Because new lighting systems are more energy efficient, they’ll reduce your utility bill.  Replacing outdated T12 and T8 fluorescent lighting to modern LED options can provide as much as 80% energy savings. And since LED lighting is more energy efficient, it burns less energy, produces less heat, requires less maintenance. This ultimately means that switching to LED lighting saves money over traditional lighting options.

Less Repair and Maintenance

A new, energy efficient lighting installation requires less maintenance than old lighting systems.

Reduced Payroll

Since improved lighting tends to increase productivity, employees will likely do more work in less time.

Increased Tenant Retention for Building Owners

An efficient building is more comfortable, more attractive, requiring less maintenance, helping to retain existing tenants who might otherwise choose to move to another building.

Increased Rental Rates for Building Owners

With the added benefit of new lighting, a building owner may be able to increase rental rates.

Increased Tenant Attraction for Building Owners

As in the case above, a building with new, bright lighting is more attractive than one with poor, inefficient lighting.

Available Rebates and Incentives

Another reason to look into a commercial LED lighting upgrade is because your local power company may pay you to do it! It may sound counter-intuitive, but when you use less energy you actually help out the electricity company. The energy saved from a lighting upgrade is energy that your neighbor can use. Over time, and on a city-wide or state-wide scale, this energy savings (decrease in power demand) can prevent the need for a new power plant to be constructed.

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